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Hello and welcome.

The purpose of this study is to find out about people's characteristics, specifically how successful, kind and satisfied they are, and how these relate to their other traits. 

This study is being conducted by psychology researchers at Brunel University London. The Department of Psychology at Brunel University requires that all persons who participate in psychology studies give their written consent to do so. Please read the information about the study, and select the options below if you consent to take part. 


  • You must be 18 to take part.
  • Participation is entirely voluntary.  We are not aware of any risks or disadvantages to taking part in this study. A potential benefit is that you may find it interesting/thought-provoking.
  • During this study you may be asked to report your thoughts and opinions about your life and your behaviour, and provide some information about your background. All responses will be kept strictly confidential, and you are free to withdraw at any time without reason or consequence. None of the information will be used to identify you personally, and for all of the questions about your background, you will have to option to skip or to select “Prefer not to say”. 
  • The survey was created by Dr Isabel Scott at the department of psychology, Brunel University, and was approved by the Brunel Life Sciences Research Ethics Committee. If you have any questions about this study, please email Dr Scott ( or ethics coordinator Dr Achim Schueztwohl (

Click below if you agree: